Formal Denonciation Penale Filed in Angola

Four concerned Angolan citizens who have filed a ‘denonciation penale’ with Swiss authorities requesting an investigation into the corrupt Angola-Russia Debt Deal have filed a parallel ‘denonciation’ with Angolan authorities. The Angolan citizens, represented by Advocate David Mendes & Associates, are requesting a criminal investigation into the deal in Angola.


Due to concerns about previous applications of the law, the Angolan filing does not request an investigation into Angolan president Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. Previous criminal investigations into Dos Santos have stalled due to statutes barring the charging of a sitting president in Angola. As such, the ‘denonciators’ have opted to refrain from calling for an investigation into Dos Santos in Angola, opting instead to focus on the raft of other conspirators. They remain firmly committed to the request filed in Switzerland that Jose Eduardo Dos Santos should be fully investigated by Swiss legal authorities.


The full denonciation penale filed in Angola is available here