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This project will explore whether the UK legal system and enforcement regime are adequately holding companies to account for corruption and whether justice is being served by the introduction of Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) to tackle corporate corruption. It is intended that the project will actively attempt to influence the policy and legal environment, to ensure that that the UK legal framework (and particularly corporate liability laws) is fit for purpose, that DPAs are used in a limited and appropriate way rather than as a short cut for dealing with politically sensitive and difficult cases, and that companies alleged to have been involved in corruption are properly brought to justice.

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Other Projects

Corruption Watch is involved in numerous on-going projects, some of which require confidentiality until publication.

Dereliction of Duty

Corruption Watch’s newest report tells the story of how a a UK-registered company, CAS-Global Ltd, bought a second hand naval vessel (the KNM Horten), and exported it into the hands of a company controlled by a former Nigerian Warlord – via the UK. Based on newly obtained documents, the report reveals the reasons why the

The Angola-Russia Debt Deal

Corruption Watch was approached in late 2011 with a significant cache of documents that provided insight into one of the most egregious cases of financial mismanagement and corruption. Via the insertion of dubious middlemen, hundreds of millions of dollars were diverted from the treasuries of Russia and Angola (one of the poorest countries in the

The Shadow World

Andrew Feinstein’s account of the global arms trade continues to generate research leads and is frequently republished in new editions. Corruption Watch continues to act on new information given to us as a result of the publication of The Shadow World, as well as remaining up-to-date with the most recent developments in this worrying trade.

The Shadow World Documentary

A feature-length documentary, directed by the award-winning Johan Grimonperez, is in production now. It is a Dillywood and Louverture Films production in association with Onomatopee Films. To see more, visit:

Oxford Handbook of Organised Crime

Corruption Watch was approached by the editors of the respected Oxford Handbook of Organised Crime to provide a chapter on the nature, scale and characteristics of arms trafficking around the world. An article by Andrew Feinstein and Paul Holden is due to appear in the publication in 2014.

Arms Trade Manual

A project started when Andrew Feinstein was an Open Society Fellow, the Arms Trade Manual is currently in development. The Manual will provide information, case studies, networking and support to activists, legislators, whistle-blowers, journalists and prosecutors attempting to investigate and reveal arms trade malfeasance around the world.

The South African ‘Arms Deal’

Both Andrew Feinstein and Paul Holden continue to advocate for a full and unfettered investigation into South Africa’s largest post-apartheid scandal. Corruption Watch continues to engage with investigators, prosecutors and journalists around the world to promote and advocate for continued legal action relating to the Deal. Most recently, Feinstein and Holden have been called to